The range of compassionate healthcare services provided by Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY is wide and includes chronic care management, mental health services, imaging services like X-ray and ultrasound services, dental services and medical records management, including electronic medical records (EMR). Correctional facilities, large and small, have trusted Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY with their needs for years, and they continue to provide the best, most compassionate care in the industry.

Since the overarching business and ethical mission of Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY is to contribute to public safety, the accomplish that by helping criminal justice and corrections officials and others with efforts to develop and maintain a corrections system that is both balanced and responsible to everyone. The collective experience of everyone at Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare is what allows them to provide healthcare to inmate patients that is at once both high-quality and cost-effective, and which usually at least meets and often exceeds the expectations of the clients, the facilities and the patients.